About Me

Kam Popovecz – President / Principal Designer Posh Home Designs

Interior Decorating has been my passion for the past 30 years. It started before I moved to the United States. I have always had an eye for design with great attention to detail. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I could not follow my dream when I immigrated to the United States. I came to the land of dreams and opportunities, only to let go of my dream! I guess life had other plans for me, and with that came a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, three fabulous children, a great husband (and a not so great one!), lots of memories (good, bad, and the ugly).

Years later, I found myself with no desire to carry out a job I was not passionate about any longer. During the past 15 or more years, I have always dreamt of owning my own business that I loved and enjoyed doing. The problem was I could not narrow it down or decide what that business should be! I evaluated a lot of businesses, and at the end, I knew “that business” wasn’t “it”. It wouldn’t resonate with me, it wouldn’t get me excited to the point that I would wake up with an idea at 2AM, come to my office and work on it until 5AM without even noticing the passage of time, or the fact that I had to start getting ready for my job in 1 hour! More importantly, it wouldn’t make me dream about beautiful designs and ideas. But, when I was researching buying a Decorating Den Interiors franchise and experiencing these, I knew this is “IT”. I felt that I finally found my world, the world that I feel I belong to. I found my long, lost love! Love of design and creating something beautiful! NOW IT’S ABOUT YOU!

I will discuss your budget so that I can bring together products and a design scheme that works best for you. No project is too big or too small. And don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase everything all at once. But it is always best to have a comprehensive and coordinated plan in place and implement it in phases, so the end result is still coordinated instead of choppy and mismatch.

I love working with my clients and helping them make their home and lives more beautiful, practical, and functional for their life styles. When I come to your home, I bring an extensive array of products, covering the home furnishings market and all styles from classic traditional to modern contemporary. I will show you samples of custom window treatments, bedding ensembles, floor coverings, wall coverings, accessories, lighting, upholstered furniture and case-goods, in YOUR home, in YOUR lighting, so you don’t have to run around town, and you know it will look great in YOUR environment! I consult you on fabric selection to ensure the product can function beautifully and your investment has the longest life possible. I listen to you, your wants and needs, how your family functions, and what are your expectations of the room you are decorating.  I provide you an advice on product selection that is based on product knowledge and experience. I function as your designer, consultant, personal shopper, and your project manager who handles everything from the very first step to the last. With access to hundreds of suppliers and a huge network of other expert designers, I do the search for you. I identify and narrow down the options to a few manageable choices, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. I eliminate the risk of ending up with products that are too big, too small, too dark, too …. And Hodge Podge of things that they really don’t speak of any particular style.

From my clients’ perspective, the biggest advantages I bring to the table is saving them the scarcest resource, TIME, and a harmonious design at the end, without them lifting a finger or spending a minute to make it happen.

I am ecstatic to say my job is my passion and I look forward to helping each and every one of you. We make the world more beautiful, one room at a time. So, let’s start with your first room today!