Interior Decorating has been my passion for the past 20+ years. It started before I moved to the United States, when I was attending a private architecture school, studying design elements and the history of architecture. I have always had an eye for design with great attention to detail. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I could not follow my dream when I immigrated to the United States. Life had other plans for me, and with that came a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, three fabulous children, a great husband, and lots of memories (good, bad, and the ugly).


20+ years later, I found myself with no desire to carry out a job I was not passionate about any longer. During the past 15 or more years, I have always dreamt of owning my own business that I loved and enjoyed doing. The problem was I could not narrow it down or decide what that business should be! I evaluated a lot of businesses, and at the end, I knew "that business” wasn’t “it”. It wouldn’t resonate with me, it wouldn’t get me excited to the point that I would wake up with an idea at 2AM, come to my office and work on it until 5AM without even noticing the passage of time, or the fact that I had to start getting ready for my job in 1 hour! More importantly, it wouldn’t make me dream about beautiful designs and ideas. But, when I was researching buying a Decorating Den Interiors franchise and experiencing these, I knew this is “IT”. I felt that I finally found my world, the world that I feel I belong to. I found my long, lost love! Love of design and creating something beautiful! NOW IT'S ABOUT YOU!


I love working with my clients and helping them make their home and lives more beautiful, practical, and functional for their life styles. When I come to your home, I bring an extensive array of products, covering the home furnishings market and all styles from classic traditional to modern contemporary. I will show you samples of custom window treatments, bedding ensembles, floor coverings, wall coverings, accessories, lighting, upholstered furniture and case-goods, in YOUR home, in YOUR lighting, so you don't have to run around town, and you know it will look great in YOUR environment! I listen to you, your wants and needs, how your family functions, and what are your expectations of the room you are decorating.  With access to hundreds of suppliers and a massive network of other expert designers, I do the search for you. I identify and narrow down the options to a few manageable choices, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. I eliminate the risk of ending up with a Hodge Podge of things that they really don’t speak of any particular style, after spending all that time and money!


I will also discuss your budget so that I can bring together products and a design scheme that works best for you. No project is too big or too small. And don't worry, we don't have to do it all at once. I will work with you on a plan to bring it all together on your budget and on your time table.


We make the world more beautiful, one room at a time. So, let’s start with your first room today!